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Visual Arts

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The Ocean Art of Henry Michaelis

Wild Geese Gallery is proud to present unique works by local photographer and cinematographer, Henry Michaelis. Inspired by his admiration for environmental conservation and surf culture, Michaelis captures moments in Nantucket, California, Central America, Africa, and the American West— focusing on ocean life. In this show, Michaelis will hand select his favorite pieces from his collection to display at Wild Geese Gallery.

Exhibition: May 12th - June 2nd 

Artist Opening: May 12th 7:30-10pm

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Kadir Lopez Nieves: "Island to Island" 

Wild Geese Gallery is proud to present, world-renowned Cuban artist, Kadir Lopez Nieves.

March 31st - April 24th.  Artist Opening: March 31st 7:30-10pm.

While Island to Island will be a departure from previous works in his Wanted series, Kadir Lopez is no stranger to the neon medium. He spent several years painstakingly restoring the 1950’s Havana historical neon signs as part of his "Havana Light" project. He saw the restoration as bringing light and hope back to the city of his beloved homeland.  And now, in collaboration with Let There Be Neon’s Jeff Friedman, he shares that light and hope with the city of New York.

"An isolated piece of land that is surrounded by a dramatically different habitat such as water, each human being is an island, a piece of rock that hit by the waves turns into water eventually and reaches its eternity connecting with the infinite." – Kadir Lopez Nieves​


Bringing the Island to the Island: American Samoa

Opened on October 22, 2021, "Bringing the Island to the Island" showcases the work of Su'a Uilisone Fitiao and Reggie Meredith Fitiao--two artists from American Samoa and the founders of the nonprofit organization, Fa'asamoa Arts. 

Drawing inspiration from each other, the traditional art of siapo, and the island they call home, Reggie and Uilisone have created a collection of work that draws on the traditions of the past and applies the material to the problems of the modern world. 


The Art of Siapo

Siapo is one of the traditional arts of Samoa, and it is part of a larger barkcloth tradition that spreads beyond the Samoan islands and across the Pacific. 

The bark of the u'a tree (the paper mulberry) is harvested, scraped, and beaten until it become a thin sheet of barkcloth. These sheets are layered and glued with the starch of the tapioca root until they become a durable piece of cloth canvas. 

Dyes made from the o'a tree, tumeric, and other natural materials are applied using brushes calls paogo (the seeds of the pandanas tree). 

In all of siapo, there is a certain list of mamanu, or patterns, that are used by every siapo artist. How each artist combines these mamanu and uses color differentiates their style from the approach of other siapo artists. 

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'City of Flowers'

'City of Flowers' opened for exhibition in July. This body of work centered around Pearce Green's newest body of work, featuring his murals. Over the past six months Green has been experimenting using modern surrealism to create large multi-canvas paintings. Through these murals he has been able to create encompassing works that draw the viewer into the Green's  imagination. 

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'Happy Days'

“Happy Days” is the first in a series of individually curated shows by people who are champions of new young artists like Pearce. Pearce Green, began his studio/gallery just a few months ago in the midst of the pandemic, with the support of Len Sofia and his family at Sofia Bros., who wanted to bring color and joy to the Upper West Side.  With Richard Corman, one of Pearce’s mentors, just next door, it has been a special opportunity for Pearce and other young artists to gather, create, and connect with the community in a joyous way during difficult times. 

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'Living Your Truth'

Wild Geese Gallery was proud to announce their very first official opening 'Living Your Truth'. The group show included three painters, all in their twenties who are self taught. While all three artist have different subject matter, they come together cohesively through color. 


Meet the Artists

The Wild Geese Gallery resident artists began working in the space in January 2022. The Meet the Artist event allowed them to showcase their artistic journey and time at the gallery.

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