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Visual Art


Past Residents

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Visual Artist In Residence 

Amy Ann Goelz

Amy Ann Goelz is an artist hailing from the Bay Area of California. Her journey into the world of art began at a young age, where she joyfully scribbled on the walls of a rental house with a Sharpie. Though this early foray into the art world didn’t yield quite the reaction she’d hoped for, her passion was not thwarted. Over the years, she’s used her perceptive eye to create art that reflects the human condition. After completing her BS in film with an art minor from Ithaca College, Amy focused on expressing herself through filmmaking. However, when the global pandemic disrupted the normal course of life, Amy found herself presented with a unique opportunity. During this time of uncertainty, she rekindled her connection with painting. Her works in Stranger are the product of this period, where in the depths of a global and personal crisis, Amy found solace in the studio wielding her brushes under the supervision of her supportive cat, Jerome.

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Visual Artist In Residence 

Anna Parisi

Anna Parisi is a new New Yorker, moving to the Bronx in August 2023. She works with paint, primarily oil color. Human figures and expressions feature heavily in her work. She uses these figures to explore human desire, emotions, and relationships. Her inspiration is partly tied to her background in Psychology. Studying the positive and negative effects of human relationships sparked in her a fascination in the outward expressions of these mental processes. This interest results in most of her pieces including faces as vessels to convey the diaspora of human emotions.

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Actor/Writer in Residence 

Max Pescherine

Max Pescherine is an actor, screenwriter, and director born and raised in NYC. He has recently appeared in Fatal Attraction (Paramount+), Rebel Moon (Netflix), Days of Our Lives (Peacock), and Quantum Leap (NBC), as well as over 45 plays throughout his life. He studied acting at Stella Adler, the Public Theater and received a BA in Theater from Kenyon College. He has directed several short films, and has several screenplays in the works that span from social satire, to sci-fi, Neo-noire, and an ancient Greek musical comedy. At the Wild Geese Gallery, Max was the associate to Award Winning Broadway director Michael Wilson in an 8-week actor workshop series and produced readings of his own writing in the space. He currently is an associate and Artist in Residence at the gallery looking to bring new talent into the space across visual, musical, and dramatic mediums.

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