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"High Key"

Exploring the peak of creativity and imagination through vibrancy and color

Featuring works by 

 KIFFY-our exceptional Resident artist 
DON PORCELLA-our innovative Visiting Artist
Opening on
September 8th

Kiffy The Pit's Hand drawn logo


"Earth Monster" by Don Porcella


June 29th at 8pm

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Chiara Hollender is an Iranian-American filmmaker, director, and storyteller based in New England. Hollender's work is deeply empowered by the voices of women, and the beauty of land and nature as a whole. She seeks to disrupt the homogenization and colonization of women's bodies, and has been called to capture stories that focus on healing. 


Mostly working in the documentary space, Chiara has produced work for the DIY Network, Discovery Channel, Vermont PBS, and Maine PBS. She's also worked for Radical Media, AMC Networks, SLMBR PRTY, Silent Crow Arts, and TBA Films in NYC. 


Chiara is the current recipient of the MFA Film and Media Art Fellowship at Emerson College.

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