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Island to


by Kadir Lopez

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Known for the creativity and individuality of his installations, as well as non-traditional artistic medias, Kadir’s Lopez's work embodies our gallery's sense of interconnectedness. This exhibition features his works of "El Iris," "Message in a Bottle," and Neon signage


El Iris

"El Iris" translates to "The Eye" in in english. This is a signed collection of mixed medias on vintage enamel, showcasing iconic public figures of the 1930's including Carol Lombard, Fay Wray, and Jean Harlow.

The Neon Islands

Kadir spent several years painstakingly restoring the 1950’s Havana historical neon signs as part of his "Havana Light" project. He saw the restoration as bringing light and hope back to the city of his beloved homeland. And now, in collaboration with Let There Be Neon’s Jeff Friedman, he shares that light and hope with the city of New York.

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Message in a Bottle

Kadir's "Message in a Bottle" collection is a ....

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