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at Wild Geese Gallery, a multidisciplinary collaborative space where artists exchange ideas, share new work, and spur the creative spirit to action!
Award winning Broadway director Michael Wilson will conduct another series of four-day scene study intensives featuring the works of modern masters: Chekhov, O’Neill, Hansberry, & Miller. Participants begin on Mondays with daily group courses as well as coaching sessions with Michael that cater to the unique qualities and needs of each actor.  Every course culminates in an open-rehearsal Showcase where actors share and celebrate their work with a dynamic artistic community.

There will also be an Observer track for each workshop – highly recommended for writers, directors, and actors considering the class.
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 PM: Open-rehearsal scene Showcase
  • Scene Study
  • Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Actors Per Workshop
  • 10 Observerships Per Workshop

September 11-14

Acting Chekhov - The Seagull

September 18-21

Acting O'Neill - Long Days Journey Into Night & more

September 25-28

Acting Hansberry - The Sign In Sidney Brustein's Window

October 2-5

Acting Miller - The Crucible

Actor Cost:
$350 per workshop

Multiple Sessions: $300 per workshop

SAG-AFTRA/AEA/Student Discount: $50 off

Observership Cost:
$100 per workshop

Limited to 10 spots:
First come, first served

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