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Christian Williams

Christian Williams (Kiffy the pit) is an artist from Buffalo, NY working primarily in digital art, pen and ink, and currently adding painting to his arsenal. His style is heavily inspired by cartoons with his own little splash of chaos. His art captures the blissful & free nature of childish creativity a lawless smash up of the first thing that comes to his mind. 


Max Geller

Max Geller is an artist who loves to work with salvaged pieces of paper, cardboard, and anything else that may fall within a 50-yard radius of his work-table. Lately, he has been spending lots of time exploring the potentiality of objects as conduits for storytelling, totems of personal and collective memory, and building blocks of history.


Sophie Goodwin

Sophie Goodwin is an artist who has been making art in various mediums for as long as she can remember. She is currently focusing on working with oil paints and ceramics. 

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Pearce Green

Pearce Green is a multi-dimensional, multi-media artist based in New York. Through his writing, paintings, films and sculpture, he seeks to express the complex emotional and psychological landscape of dreams, hoping the contrast will help us to be able to see the deeper issues of our everyday lives more clearly.  After graduating he attended the University of Iowa for writing, he began to explore visual art. He soon discovered his passion for drawing as well as painting. In November 2020, Green opened up his own gallery, Pearce Green Art, on the Upper West Side in New York, NY where he currently works.

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